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Translating web content of your online business is important, you are already aware of that. However, this time we will talk you through the concept of transcreation, a very useful tool to power your content. This article will explain all you need to know about transcreation and how o translate your copywriting.

What is transcreation?

Transcreation is a technique that allows for positioning your website through copywriting and content translation. In other words, transcreation is a fusion between two of the best techniques for producing content. However, before going into further depth, it is important that we define some concepts.

Digital marketing

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Before explaining you the essentials about transcreation, firstly it is important that you understand what digital marketing is. Today all successful companies do digital marketing to thrive as a business. Digital marketing encompasses all the techniques and tools that allow you to promote a service or product over the internet.

We can say that a digital marketing strategy is successful when it helps to make conversions (sales) but sometimes it can have other purposes. Sometimes a company just wants to gain more followers on its social media channels and uses digital marketing to achieve exactly that.

Among the most common digital marketing strategies are:

  • Management of social networks
  • Online contests
  • Production of value content
  • Call to action

And among many others, there are two that are especially important: copywriting and web translation.


Copywriting is something that is talked about a lot today, every website that offers a product or a service should be doing copywriting. What exactly is copywriting? It is the writing of persuasive texts on the internet.

Put another way: copywriting is the modern form of creative writing used on websites. Currently we might encounter copywriting when a website aims to sell a product, but also when it seeks to achieve other things.

An example of copywriting can be when an article invites you to click on something. That phrase that they convince you to click on, that is copywriting.

Copywriting doesn’t need to be extensive. On the contrary, the more precise and direct the message, the better. Long texts run the risk of boring the reader, so every web writer needs to know how to be persuasive while using just a few words.

We see copywriting on websites, on social media, in emails, and more. Copywriting is perhaps the most important digital marketing tool in web content.

But… Did you know that copywriting is even more effective when combined with web translation?

We’ll tell you more about it later. For now, we invite you to read this article to learn more about copywriting: Copywriting and web content writing.

Web translation

Web translations are vital for your online business, you already know that. In fact, in another article we explained you about the importance of internationalizing your content. However, it is good to know why it is one of the best digital marketing techniques. In fact, it´s quite a no-brainer, translating your web content into other languages ​​gives you many advantages:

  • Better SEO positioning
  • Greater international reach
  • More potential customers

Furthermore, translating your web content allows you to reach new markets, to go where you might not have imagined. Now, web translation combined with copywriting makes for an incredible tool.

The combination of Copywriting with web translation is what results in transcreation. Would you like  to know more about the advantages of transcreation? Well, we´ll tell you right away.

The benefits of transcreation

Transcreation mainly solves the issues encountered when attempting to enter a new market in a new language. It works like this: First you’ve done copywriting to persuade your readers and it’s effective, great! Now you wish for this persuasion to be achieved in other languages for new audiences. The problem with that is that very good copywriting in one language may not be so good in another.

So, what is it we are aiming for?

Well, not only should our content be well translated, it must also have a positive effect on readers/customers/consumers.

How do we achieve this?

Through transcreation that gives you the following benefits:

  • Correct and contextualized translation
  • Internationalized copywriting
  • Persuade readers from different parts of the world that speak different languages
  • Better SEO for your website

One can do translation without copywriting and copywriting without translating. What cannot be done is to internationalize your content effectively without transcreation. Remember that transcreation not only encodes the message, but also focuses on delivering the same promotional impact.

Want to learn more about transcreation? Then we invite you to read this article about the difference between regular translation and transcreation.

Wish to use transcreation for your digital content?


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