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Discover our sworn translation services in more than 25 different languages

What is a sworn translation

A sworn translation is the result of a rigorous process that we at Orion Translations make easy and straightforward. It is about translating documents for legal purposes, although it does not always have to involve legal issues.

At Orion Translations we perform sworn translations of any document that you may need for your business requirements. We are a team of highly qualified and trained professionals with the capacity to translate documents into more than 25 different languages.

Sworn or certified translation allows your business or company to internationalize from a legal standpoint. By having all your documents translated into other languages, you can register your business in more than one country, which will be beneficial for your company.

We provide sworn translation services that allow companies to internationalise their operations within a completely legal framework.

Sworn translation services

Sworn translation services must be carried out by professional translators because not just any translator can perform these types of translations as these specialists hold a sworn translator degree.

At Orion Translations we have certified and highly trained staff for sworn translations. Our sworn translation services are more than just decoding.

When you translate into a particular language, you must understand the cultural aspects of the country to which you are directing your content, so that it can have the expected meaning in that particular language.

In case of a sworn translation, not only should we take into account the regional dialects of the language into which we are translating but must also be familiar with the legal terms of that region. This is the only way to make a legal document truly legally valid and effective internationally.

Sworn Translation Professional Services

Sworn translations: documents

There are a wide variety of documents that need to be translated in a legal or sworn manner. As mentioned above, these are not always entirely legal texts, although these are the most common in some cases.

Here is a list of examples of documents that can or should be translated by a sworn translator:

  • Company formal registration or articles of incorporation
  • Contracts with suppliers and service providers
  • Contracts with companies to which services are provided or rendered
  • Legal agreements
  • Driving Licence
  • Contracts
  • Letter of intent
  • Sentences
  • Court rulings
  • Employment contract
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Notarial deed
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Banking formalities
  • Lease or rental contracts for real estate property
  • Employment contracts
  • Any other document of which you require a sworn or certified copy
  • Life certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Academic qualifications
  • University degree
  • Financial invoices
  • Financial Books
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Legal proceedings
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Adoption proceedings
  • Medical report
  • Financial information
  • Various certificates and more…

Sworn translations for companies

While not always for businesses, sworn translations also benefit companies or institutions that wish to have all their documentation legalised and translated

The list of companies that benefit from sworn translations are many, these are some:

  • Transportation service companies
  • Textile product manufacturing and distribution companies
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Companies in the pharmaceutical area
  • Digital service companies

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