Voice-over translation services

Discover our voice-over translation services in more than 25 languages…

What exactly is a Voice-Over?

A voice-over, is a production technique in which the voice of an individual who is not in the spotlight of a camera is reproduced.

It is often informative or explanatory, and is frequently used in television, radio, film and theatre.

Voice-over translation services

We provide voice-over translation services in over 25 languages, our team of expert translators seamlessly integrate voice-over translation into your project, while always ensuring that the final output matches the quality of the original.

Besides, we have top translators and interpreters at your disposal who work quickly and efficiently while offering a cost-effective solution.

Your voice-over translations

Are you looking for the most qualified professionals to translate voice-over for your project?

Orion Translations is one of the most experienced voice-over translation companies out there. Our translators and interpreters have years of experience providing accurate translations in this field, so that voice-overs are perfectly adapted to the original context and circumstances.

Our in-house translators are highly qualified and perform voice-over translations to the highest standard.

Hire our voice-over translation services or contact us for more information now.

Voice-over translation services for companies

You may need a voice-over translation service in the following cases:

  • Voice-over for theatres
  • Voice-over for television
  • Voice-over for cinema
  • Voice-over for radio
  • Voice-over for presentations
  • Voice-over for documentaries
  • Voice-over for reports

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¿Necesitas un servicio de traducción de voz en off para tu empresa? Solicítenos un presupuesto.

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