Telephone interpreting services

Discover our over-the-phone interpreting services in more than 25 different languages.

What are telephone interpreting services?  

Interpreting is a field of language translation. Unlike a translation which is written, interpreting is verbal, provided in real-time by the interpreter trained in the field for his or her client.   

In-person interpreting services are performed with the interpreter in person, who helps translate the desired language in real time.

Telephone interpreting services

At Orion Translations we offer our excellent interpreting services conducted by top professionals over the phone, so that you can start with your needs right away without the need to send a physical person, in more than 25 different languages

You can hire our in-person interpreting services straight away to have a face-to-face interpreter who will translate flawlessly for you, to help you understand the language you wish to understand in real-time.

About telephone interpreting services

Looking for affordable, reliable and accurate telephone interpreting services?

Orion Translations offers best-in-class over-the-phone interpreting services. Our team of interpreters will be available to interpret any kind of interpreting service, without the need to be present in person.

Our team of interpreters will be available to interpret any kind of interpreting service, without the need to be present in person. They have years of translation and interpreting experience under their belts, so you can rest assured to receive a flawless telephone interpreting service that matches what you ask for.

Please contact us to learn more about telephone interpreting services.

Telephone Interpreting Services for Businesses

In the business environment, an in-person interpreting service can become an indispensable service when it comes to extending the reach of your company.

Having a certified interpreter like the ones at Orion Translations provides you not only with the opportunity to collaborate with multilingual clients, but also the reassurance of having a certified and truthful translation, valid before any legal body.

Regardless of whether you need simultaneous interpreting or ‘chuchotage’ (whispered interpreting), for the following companies having the services of an interpreter can be an extremely valuable tool.

  • IT and digital services companies
  • Transport companies
  • Tourism organisations
  • Travel agencies
  • Companies with international operations

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    Besides other services, Orion Translations offers interpreting services in the following areas in over 25 different languages:

    In-person interpreting

    Telephone interpreting

    Examinations under oath

    Medical Interpreting

    Legal Interpreting

    Spanish Interpreting

    IME Interpreting Services

    Conference Interpreting

    Ask about our pricing for over-the-phone interpreting services or other professional interpreting services.

    Do you require telephone interpreting services? Ask us about it with confidence, no strings attached.

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