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Business translation services

Business translations are aimed at reaching the same market in another language, thus it is a fairly technical type of translation in which a linguistic study of the market should be carried out.

At Orion Translations we provide business translation services of all types. Our professionals are fully qualified, trained and certified to contribute towards the internationalisation of your business.

When translating documents or any type of business content, you can be assured of a professional service that will not only be accurate but also very effective. That means that with Orion Translations you can ensure that your texts will not only be accurately understood but will have the impact you expect.

While a company may need the content of its products or services translated, often what a company needs translating are documents.

Translation of business documents

Company documents are crucial from different standpoints, and when you embark on the journey to internationalise your business, translating certain documentation to make it effective becomes essential.

At Orion Translations we help you to translate the documents you need in more than 25 languages. Whatever type of document you wish to translate, and no matter what language you wish to target, we do it for you and assist you in adapting to the new market you plan to enter.


Business translation: documents

When translating your company documents, you must consider many details, including the professional level of the translator or agency that will be in charge of it.

Document translations are technical translations due to the nature of the content to be translated. These are just some of the business documents that we can translate:

  • Articles of incorporation of the company
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Contracts
  • List of products
  • Accounting sheets
  • Any other business documents

Business translation for companies

Business translations involve translations in which the language to be translated is technical and related to the industry of your company.

Business translations are not always about documents, they can be about all kinds of content related to your company. Below is a list of companies that benefit from business translations:

  • Companies in the health or pharmaceutical sector
  • Digital businesses
  • Virtual platforms
  • Online stores

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