IME Interpreting Services

Discover our interpreting services in more than 25 different languages. 

What is IME interpreting

IME stands for independent medical examination. It gets its name from the fact that it is carried out by an independent doctor, i.e., a doctor you are not accustomed to seeing.

These examinations are called for by insurance companies, who have the right to schedule you for an IME to determine a second opinion on the severity of your injuries.

IME Interpreting Services

Orion Translations offers independent medical exam interpreting services. We employ professionals with extensive training in medical terminology and fluency in the languages of both the doctor and the patient. 

We provide IME interpreters in-person or over the phone, with a wide range of languages and at competitive rates.

About IME Interpreting Services

Are you in need of an IME interpreting service and are looking for top medical interpreters?

At Orion Translations we offer you superior IME interpreting services. We work with professional interpreters who specialize in the medical field with years of experience in the industry.

We know that there is no margin for error in independent medical examinations for legal and insurance reasons. For this reason, we provide you our best interpreters, with whom you can be certain that there will be no miscommunication between doctor and patient.

Contact us today for information or to book our IME interpreting services and enjoy the professionalism of our specialists.

IME Interpreting Services for Businesses

In the corporate environment, you may at some point have the need to hire a freelance medical exam interpreting service.

Having a certified interpreter such as those at Orion Translations can not only give you the opportunity to work with multilingual clients, but it also ensures that you have an accurate, certified interpretation that is valid before any legal body.

Regardless of whether you need simultaneous interpreting or ‘chuchotage’ (whispered interpreting), having the services of an interpreter can be an extremely valuable tool for the following companies.

  • IT and digital services companies
  • Transport companies
  • Tourism organizations
  • Travel agencies
  • Companies with international operations

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    Ask about our prices for interpreting services or other professional interpreting services. 

    Need help with interpreting? Ask us about it with confidence, no strings attached.

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