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What is technical and scientific translation?

A technical translation is a type of translation which contains a large number of terminological phrases or words, which are used within a specific field.

A scientific translation is another type of technical translation, focused on areas such as medicine, biology, pharmacy, chemistry and physics.

Technical and scientific translation services

Technical and scientific translations are no easy task. They require an accurate understanding by a professional before being translated, to ensure that the translation is accurate and free of errors.

At Orion Translations, we are fortunate to work with experts who are specifically dedicated to these types of translations and this also gets proofread to ensure that every technical or scientific translation is accurate.

Our Technical and Scientific translations

Are you in search of a technical or scientific translation service?  At Orion Translations we have the finest professionals at competitive prices.

We offer top technical and scientific translation services and our team of translators specialised in these types of translations will produce a perfect translation with the highest level of accuracy regarding technical terms.

If you would like to contract our services or require further information, please contact us today.

Technical and scientific translation services for companies

You may need technical or scientific translation services when your company or sector of work is listed below:

  • IT and technology industry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Energy industry
  • Civil engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction and refurbishment sector
  • Specialised engineering

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Ask about our fees for technical and scientific translations for companies and other professional translation services.

Looking for a technical or scientific translation for your company? Please ask us for a quote.

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