As a translation agency, we mentioned in our previous posts how we can help you as a company.

As seen from the point of view of a translation agency, you have found out how we work, you know that we can help you internationalise your contents and we have introduced you to the concepts of simultaneous and consecutive interpreters as well as to sworn translation.

Well, this time we would like to speak to you about a discipline that is also related to translation agencies and that can be very interesting for the visibility, notoriety and expansion of your company: copywriting and the writing of web content.

Copywriting: what you need to know

We are going to try to give you some context since there is a rather advertising connotation in its concept. In all advertising agencies there is a person who oversees advertising texts.

So far so clear.

But we wish to take it a step further. We would like you to understand copywriting as writing texts for your website with the objective of helping you sell.

It is the persuasive way in which a text on a webpage can be written with the intention of getting the reader to complete a purchase.

In which way?

We could write a lot to explain copywriting.

But if we summarise it, based on the above-mentioned persuasive manner of writing copy for your website, the best way to understand it is to understand the benefits of copywriting.

1. Enhance the value of your service or brand. The copywriter (the person who will write “the copy”) will establish the formula to highlight the value of your proposal beyond others. Once determined, the copywriter will then express it on your web page, using the ideal words.

2. Positioning your brand in the market. With the right copy you will be able to stand out as a reference in your sector. The copywriter will know how to differentiate you from the competition and this in turn will be reflected in the texts that appear on your website.

3. SEO improvement.
The copywriter will know how to position your website in search engines thanks to his or her texts. The techniques to be able to place you at the top of the Google search results will become apparent and he/she will do so, having studied the most relevant keywords in your sector also knowing how to position them.

4. Enhance the value of your service or brand.
The copywriter will know how to detect the needs of your consumer and will reflect this on your website.

Copywriting is not just about writing texts for your website. There are many fields where it can be put into practice.

From email marketing campaigns to landing pages. The latter are known as sales pages where you would like potential customers to arrive when they follow a sales funnel, from social networks, for example.

Because, whether it is Instagram ads or Facebook ads to advertise and position your brand on it also has its origin in copywriting.

As you may have guessed, copywriting is related to any sector of writing that encompasses the online realm.

And if as a company you are looking to grow with your website and your social networks, you should consider having a copywriter in your team who knows how to capture the essence and value of your business and express it with the right words in your channels.

Web Browsing

Related to copywriting is the writing of web content. If the copywriter is asked to create content, then we are talking about a web copywriter.

When you are looking for a web copywriter for your company who understands how to transmit your ideas and your value through different channels, you are looking to educate, provide knowledge and create a community of potential clients.

Content generates credibility and trust in your brand or company. But on its own it is not capable of selling.

The aim of the web copywriter is to take advantage of the value that it brings to readers to eventually get many subscribers who eventually become potential customers. And this is when copy comes into play.

As you can see, these are two sides of the same coin that are completely related.

If we had to explain it to you in a clear way, the writing of web content attracts readers and copywriting is responsible for converting them into customers.

How will the writing of web content help me?

We would like you to know some of the benefits that you will enjoy when contracting a web copywriter.

1. Creation of informative texts. Whether it is a blog or an email campaign. The web copywriter will understand how to add value to your brand or service and will write your texts accordingly, with the aim of connecting to the reader.

2. These professionals will help your SEO positioning. The copy writer is of great value for positioning certain keywords in the texts of your page, but the writer of web content goes a step further. Through blogs, this professional will position as many keywords as possible upon publishing your posts, which will provide you with countless benefits in your Google web positioning.

3. Knowledge about your readers. The writer of web content will get to know your reader and carry out research regarding your company and brand. This way he/she will offer you a strategy and the best way to reach your target audience. This ensures that he/she will know how to focus on your user with organised information, as well as the spelling and tone of writing, according to what you offer in your brand or service.

This is the concept we would like you to bear in mind…

Therefore at we understand that these two sectors are of great importance in the digital growth of companies or brands.

And as we understand that they add great value to your development as a company, these are services that we would like to offer you.

Although translation can help you in many areas, you also need texts, whether they are for selling (copy), for informing or generating credibility (writing of web content), to be at the level required by you as a company or service.

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