Magazine translation services

Discover our magazine translation services in more than 25 languages……

What does it mean to translate a Magazine?

Magazine translations consist of translating the content of a magazine from one language to another, taking into account the layout, format, content and texts of the magazine in question.

To translate a magazine, a group of professionals carry out the translation, proofreading and revision work to ensure that a sentence does not displace a picture or that some texts do not fit.

Magazine translation services

At Orion Translations we offer magazine translation in over 25 languages, with a team of specialised professionals we are able to translate magazines on any subject and in any format.

We provide expert magazine translations and translate into a wide range of languages, at competitive prices and on a timely basis.

Our translation services for magazines

Do you need a magazine translation and you are looking for the best professionals?

We offer the most comprehensive magazine translation services. Our team of professional translators will be happy to translate any type of magazine.

All the translators working for us have many years of experience, so you can rest assured that you will receive an excellent translation.

Contact Orion Translations today to find out more about how we can help you with your magazine translation needs or contact us for more information.

Translation services for corporate magazines and periodicals

You may be in need of a magazine translation service if your company or industry is below:

  • Publishers
  • Leisure services
  • Tourism
  • Advertising
  • Digital newspapers and magazines

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Ask about our rates for business magazine translations and other professional translation services.

Looking for a magazine translation service for your company? Ask us for a quote.

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