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Subtitling English-Spanish

We offer subtitling services for your projects from English to Spanish.

Professional English to Spanish subtitling

Orion Translations is keenly aware of the growing impact of global connections and the language challenges that can hinder the spread of audiovisual content. We offer a specialized English to Spanish subtitling service designed to overcome these obstacles, ensuring your content connects with a wider, more diverse Spanish-speaking audience.

Subtitling is an artful form of audiovisual translation. It involves translating dialogue and key elements into the target language—English to Spanish in this case—and embedding them on-screen as the story progresses. This method makes content easier to understand for those unfamiliar with the original language and increases viewer engagement.

Our team, composed of experienced translators and subtitling experts, possesses deep knowledge of both languages and cultural nuances essential for audiovisual translation. We deliver subtitles that accurately reflect the original material, maintaining the content’s essence and intent.

Furthermore, our subtitles are thoroughly reviewed and refined to ensure linguistic accuracy and artistic integration with the audiovisual content. Our goal is to provide a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience without distractions.

The benefits of English to Spanish subtitling are vast. Subtitling your content opens up access to a global audience of over 500 million, allowing you to enter new markets and gain recognition in Spanish-speaking communities.

Closed captioning also makes your content accessible to those with hearing impairments and viewers who prefer silent watching, such as in public places or quiet environments. This feature enhances engagement and understanding, particularly when dealing with accents or dialects that may be challenging for some.

Last but not least, our subtitling agency‘s careful approach to translation ensures that the original message, emotion and intent of the content remains intact, avoiding misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Trust Orion Translations to take your audiovisual content to greater heights, expanding its reach within the Spanish-speaking world. Overcome language barriers and communicate with a global audience.

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Common Questions Regarding Our Subtitling Service

Still uncertain about how our subtitling service operates? Here, we’ve compiled the questions most frequently asked by our clients. This way, you can clarify your main inquiries.

Why is Spanish subtitling important?

Spanish video subtitling is indispensable for its profound impact on accessibility, granting individuals with hearing impairments seamless entry to the content. Moreover, it widens the scope of potential viewership and champions cultural diffusion, valuing the richness of various perspectives. Simultaneously, it fosters language acquisition and guarantees proficient communication and comprehension for every audience member.

Can English-to-Spanish subtitles capture specific cultural and linguistic nuances?

Absolutely. Adapting idiomatic expressions, colloquialisms, and cultural references is paramount for comprehensive comprehension. Thoughtful vocabulary choices and cultural acumen ensure content resonates effectively with Spanish-speaking viewers. Meticulous translation guarantees an immersive encounter that remains steadfast to the original intent.

Is the Spanish subtitling done by native speakers?

Absolutely, our Spanish subtitling is handled by proficient native speakers of the language. Our skilled team of native Spanish translators meticulously crafts subtitles that are not only precise but also seamlessly blend with the context and cadence of the original content.

How does the subtitling process from English into Spanish unfold?

It all starts with meticulous transcription and adaptation of the English dialogue, safeguarding the integrity of the original message. Subsequently, our native Spanish translators step in, harmonizing translation with context and tone, crafting subtitles that read seamlessly and visually engage. To round it off, a comprehensive proofreading phase guarantees quality and uniformity prior to the ultimate delivery.

This is what we can assist you with

Over 14 years of experience working with large international companies

We understand that businesses place a high value on experience and reliability. As a team, we at Orion Translations have been exceeding the expectations of clients like yours for over fourteen years.


We handle more than 25 languages

Our team comprises of a diverse group of highly skilled translators, sworn interpreters, and copywriters, each with their own areas of expertise. We offer our services in over 25 languages and cater to a wide range of subject areas.

What if you have a special requirement?

At Orion Translations, we understand that your language needs may go beyond the 25+ languages we already offer. That’s why we encourage you to reach out to us directly with your special requirements. Our team of language experts is always ready to take on new challenges and help you get the results you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and let’s discuss how we can assist you!

And not just translations

Orion Translations offers more than just translation. Our team provides copywriting, proofreading, and revision services. We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in person or virtually. Contact us to learn more.

Popular subtitling services

In addition to our range of services, Orion Translations specializes in offering comprehensive subtitling solutions across various domains. We provide subtitling services in over 25 languages, ensuring precision and accuracy to cater to a diverse clientele.

Spanish-English subtitling

Subtitling English-Spanish

Subtitling of Films

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Subtitling of YouTube Videos

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