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In our first post we explained you why as a company it is important to work with a translation agency. And although this can be explained in many ways, today we will focus on a topic that we consider essential: internationalising your content.

We understand we live in a globalised and digital world that revolves around the Internet.

Being able to share your content or messages almost anywhere in the world has become a crucial part of your business.

If you haven´t done so already, we´ll explain why it is something you should consider.

The importance of internationalising content

The first thing is to be clear about what is meant by this.

We are talking about a strategy to adapt your company’s content to the culture, needs and, above all, languages of your target customers or markets.  Like this, you will further advance your brand and products in these international markets.

It would be an error to only focus on the local market. The commitment of companies to open to the world is growing every day, particularly now in crisis times, which should be considered times of great new opportunities and growth.

Accede a todos los mercados internacionalizando tus objetivos

As internationalisation is becoming increasingly essential, there are some aspects that are in your favour and that should be considered:

  • Expansion and growth

You enter international markets by having your content translated into multiple languages with the peace of mind that the idea and message to be conveyed will be maintained and adapted to the nuances of each language.

  • Business opportunities

Because of this expansion and growth, it is only a matter of time before new potential clients emerge, if you are knowledgeable about how to sell your products in these markets.

  • Enhancing the company’s image

Your company evolves and globalises, differentiates itself from the competition and gains notoriety and authority over them.

How is this achieved?

A thing to be kept in mind is that the internationalisation of content is a process that can be dealt with by a translation agency from beginning to end.

There are several ways to access these different markets. All of them are important, valid, and ones you´ll need for your content in other languages.

Tu negocio crecerá internacionalizando tus objetivos

Ways to internationalising content are…

  • Website in several languages:

In addition to showing your product and service in new international markets, it helps you to build brand awareness and trust with current and potential customers as well as gaining presence and notoriety.

  • Statements and press releases:

This is how you communicate and make yourself better known in other languages. You cannot afford mistakes in these translations.

  • User manuals and catalogues:

When translated as they should, you generate notoriety and trust. Who hasn’t seen manuals or product catalogues translated with a faulty web-page translator? There are countless of these cases.  Don´t fall victim to it.

  • Blogs:

These are part of your company’s corporate image. With blogs you are showcasing both the language and the way you express yourself.  Many customers are going to discover and will get to know you because of them;therefore, blogs should be translated correctly into the languages of your choice.

  • Social networks:

Its business opportunities and reach are endless. If you are looking to translate such content, you´re better off doing it with a translation agency you can trust and rely on. Social networks can help you get noticed and sell and you need a company that grasp the essence of your message, to convey them into other languages.

  • Marketing material:

This is the essential part. The origin of all previous points. Every strategy, like its translation, must be well thought out and verified. If you enter new markets, you may need to setup new partnerships to optimise your reach.You must make sure that your message gets across in the best possible way, while preserving it essence.

What about the benefits?

If the internationalisation strategy is well articulated and you follow the steps above, the only thing left for you to do is focus on developing your product.

By internationalising your content with a translation agency and having a clear marketing strategy, you are planting the seeds for something big.

Tu expansión irá de la mano de la internacionalización de tus objetivos

Here are the key points that reflect this impact:

  • Increase of sales and revenues for your company. In short, a significant improvement in your bottom line.
  • Growth of your company’s presence in the digital world.
  • Image improvement and brand competitiveness.
  • Better positioning in the different search engines thanks to having reached improvements in SEO and SEM.
  • Growth in the number of potential customers and more confidence and services to offer to existing ones.
  • Differentiation regarding the competition.
  • Generator of new business opportunities.
  • Access to the markets you wish to enter and that you consider most suitable for your brand.
  • Improved management of your own resources.
  • Better use and exploitation of your products in those markets, which results in a contribution to the improvement of your image.
  • Cost savings.

Would you like to internationalise your content? This is our recommendation.

It is said that after a crisis, markets change. Now is the perfect time to act.

Make a move and do not get left behind, digital competition is on the rise. Many companies are seeing that one of the main ways out is the internationalisation of their content.

If you took the first step years ago by creating a website, now is the time to take the next step. That is, to open to new markets with the support of a translation agency that will ensure maximum reliability for all your content.

Here´s an example that describes the benefits of translating your website into various languages.

Make sure that your content reaches new markets while preserving your core idea, personality and message with the meaning and coherence that you have assigned to it, with the same level of professionalism, demand and speed that you provide and give to your clients.

Ready to take the leap into new markets?

PS: And remember that in our previous post we talked about the secrets of a translation agency and the importance of always having professional and native translators at your disposal.

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