Examination interpreting services under oath

Discover our sworn examination interpreting services under oath in over 25 different languages.  

What is an Examination Under Oath?

An Examination Under Oath, also known as an EUO, is a questioning conducted under oath by a representative of an insurance company, in which the insured party is required to answer questions truthfully.

The purpose of this legal examination is to detect inconsistencies, incongruencies and other problems in the testimony, so that these can be brought out against the examinee if necessary in a court of law or in negotiations.

Examination interpreting services under oath

Orion Translations offers sworn examination interpreting services, in which one of our interpreters will translate the questions asked by the insurance company representative.

These exams can be complicated to answer, particularly if you do not have a perfect command of the language in which the questions are asked. We can help you if you hire our services and have more than 25 languages available and great professionals in language interpretation and translation.

Examination interpreting services under oath

Are you in need of an interpreting service for an examination under oath?

Orion Translations is among the most reliable and experienced sworn exam interpreting companies that you will find on the market. Our interpreters have years of experience interpreting and providing accurate translations so that you can comfortably take an exam under oath.

Our team of experts can be relied upon to provide fast and accurate translations each and every time. Our interpreters meticulously choose each word to convey exactly what is intended, providing seamless interpretation for an examination under oath.

We would like to help you with your exam under oath today, so contact us for more information.

Sworn Examination Interpreting under oath for Businesses  

In the corporate environment, you may at some point have the need to hire a sworn examination interpreting under oath.

Having a certified interpreter like the ones at Orion Translations provides you not only with the opportunity to work with multilingual clients, but also the reassurance of having a certified and truthful translation, valid before any legal body.

Regardless of whether you need simultaneous interpreting or ‘chuchotage’ (whispered interpreting), having the services of an interpreter can be an extremely valuable tool for the following companies.

  • IT and digital services companies
  • Transport companies
  • Tourism organizations
  • Travel agencies
  • Companies with international operations

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    Ask about our prices for interpreting services under oath or other professional interpreting services. 

    Need help with interpreting? Ask us with confidence, no strings attached.

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