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What are subtitle translations?

Subtitle translation is the process of adding written text at the bottom of screens in films and images using editing software. The text is used to transcribe or translate the spoken words from the original language.

These written texts that appear over the images of an audiovisual medium have the purpose of translating what is said in the original language or it is transcribed.

Subtitle translation services

At Orion Translations we translate subtitles and work in different languages, professionally and with a team, with a great deal of experience in these types of translations.

We offer competitive prices and the translations will be completed within the agreed terms and on the agreed upon delivery dates.

Our subtitle translations

Looking to hire a subtitle translation service and need the best-suited translators for the job?

At Orion Translations we offer highly accurate subtitle translation services and work with professional translators who have years of experience in the subtitle translation field.

Our in-house translators are highly qualified and deliver translations of the highest standard.

Please contact us to arrange your subtitle translation services or for additional information.

Subtitle translation services for companies

You may need a subtitle translation service if your company or sector is listed below:

  • The Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer and technology industry
  • Audiovisual industry

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Enquire about our rates concerning subtitle translations for companies and other professional translation services.

Looking for subtitle translations for your company? Ask us for a quote.

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