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Let us describe what a translation agency is and what it stands for: It is a company that does translations for other companies or individuals according to their needs.

But the concept goes beyond this. There is much more behind the work of a translation agency. This is how we would like to start this new blog.

With this blog post you will get to know us better and be clear about your needs, when seeking to hire a translation agency.

Starting from the moment you request our services until the delivery of results.

A team of professionals

Writing about a translation agency could be simplified by talking about a team of professionals who each specialise in their own language and field.

But let´s start from the beginning and tell you more about us. Orion Translations agency is comprised of qualified, expert, native-speaking translators whose sole mission is to offer you quality translations.

Just remember that… Not everyone who calls themselves a “translator” has the training or experience needed to deliver quality work.

Hiring a translation agency is important for your business

Here we will talk about our primary characteristic:

We have qualified professional translators on our team, who are in line with our guiding principles: education, specialisation and experience.

Our translation agency’s internal mission

I am quite sure you are starting to get the picture.

As a translation agency we strive to work with experienced translators who know how to deal with your requests.

So, here it comes. Our first step is to evaluate the competencies and skills of the members of our team. We carry out translation tests and verify their education, specialisation and experience.

This is an essential consideration for us. It is the only way to ensure that you get a professional translation done in any field.

When is the right time to get in touch with a translation agency?

Let’s start by talking about B2B, or business-to-business.

When you contact us, the first person you will talk to is your contact person, who will take your needs into account (language, number of words to be translated, urgency, etc).

Your contact person will assign you the most appropriate team of translators (or individual translator), always considering the type of request you are making.

And if we already worked together before and your usual translator is not available, no worries. Your contact person will always ensure that there is a translator with similar qualifications at your disposal whenever needed.

It is important that you become acquainted with this key figure at our agency. This is the person who knows you best and will always assure that you get the most suitable translator assigned to fulfil your needs.

Therefore, we would like to mention some of our other principles:

Translators must be able to understand the cultural nuances of local languages that can easily change the meaning of a translation. Think of it as a guideline that goes without saying for us.

And once the text has been translated?

For you this is surely the most important part of the translation process.

We ensure that all translation work provided to our clients is 100% accurate.

But there are a few details that you should consider. You may be thinking about the steps to follow if you need to make changes to a text that has already been delivered. This may sometimes occur and is something we take into account.

In this case we will make sure that your requests reach our assigned translator at once. He or she will be responsible for updating the translation without compromising on quality.

Next come correction and revision, two crucial stages for both the agency and client, which we both take very seriously.

As we mentioned before, we assure that a quality service is delivered for which you won´t have to ask for any revisions.

Why work with a translation agency?

As you have read, there are many factors that determine the decision to contract a translation agency.

Just as it can happen to you and your company, we share the opinion that a personalised service and flexibility in terms of deadlines are crucial.

Translating a text is something that may not seem like such an easy task. There are many fields to cover. Some of them are more basic, such as websites or social networks, while others are more professional, such as an official or technical translation. All are within our capabilities.

Therefore, we understand that it is key to have a large pool of translators, each specialised in a different kind of language and field of expertise.

This is another one of our principles, to ensure that your request is dealt with in the best possible way as it is crucial to have peace of mind. Given the great variety of content to be translated and the emphasis that you can place on your texts or communications, we are looking forward to working with you.

The confidentiality of your requests is always upheld and we will create your client profile. This part makes the work easier for both parties, as we can instantly identify your ideal translator in the event of future requests.

Translation agencies deal with different types of requests

What happens if I have a special translation request?

This may also sometimes occur. It may be the case that the client needs the translation in one of the languages we do not usually offer.

If this happens, we never leave you in the dark. Part of our job is to advise and find you a team of translators for your specific needs.

We make sure that the same rules of specialisation and quality are met as we provide to all our clients.

In a nutshell… Why is a translation agency important?

It is important to go one step further than simply providing quality translations. As a client you must think of your requirements. If you are convinced that your message is effective and of high quality and that you need perfect translations to achieve your international objectives, we as a translation agency can assure you that it will be equally effective in the languages you require.

We understand that this is a fundamental requirement for you and therefore it is also a fundamental requirement for us.

Now that you know us a bit better, let’s talk about your endeavours!
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