Every business exists to make some profit by satisfying a need. Businesses offer products and services that meet a demand, and in return receive a payment for it. Web content translations benefit businesses and increase sales. In this article, you will discover which companies and markets are currently benefiting the most from translating their content.

The importance of not depending on a single market

The more markets you can offer your product or service to, the more potential customers you will have. It is not as profitable to only sell items in the United States as expanding your range to Central America and Latin America and even Europe.

Many times, it happens that a company focus its offer to a specific market and everything goes well, in those cases a company can be successful and sustainable for a long time. But what happens if one day that target market goes into crisis? What happens if for some reason that company cannot continue to offer its product or service to that single market that it had on its radar?

Some examples of these cases could be the following:

  • Government sanctions that prevent trade between certain countries.
  • Extraordinary situations such as natural catastrophes, economic crises, among others.

In other cases, it may happen that the single market to which you offered your product or service simply no longer needs it with the same demand as before. For that reason and many others, your company cannot depend on a single geographical area.

Internationalizing your content is internationalizing your product or service

As you already read in our previous article, there are a lot of reasons to want to internationalize the content of your website. The benefits can simply be endless, and these are some of the most relevant ones:

  • Increase of sales and revenues for your company. In short, a significant improvement in your bottom line.
  • Growth of your company’s presence in the digital world.
  • Image improvement and brand competitiveness.
  • Better positioning in the different search engines thanks to having reached improvements in SEO and SEM.
  • Growth in the number of potential customers and more confidence and services to offer to existing ones.
  • Differentiation regarding competition.
  • Generator of new business opportunities.
  • Access to the markets you wish to enter and that you consider most suitable for your brand.
  • Improved management of your own resources.
  • Better use and exploitation of your products in those markets, which results in a contribution to the improvement of your image.
  • Cost savings.

The companies and industries that currently benefit the most from translating their content

Obviously, any website benefits from translating its content. However, there are specific companies and industries that get many more advantages than other ones. Let´s look at which companies and industries benefit the most from translating their web content:


Tourism is one of the most lucrative activities in the world. In fact, there are countries that have it as their main source of income. Tourism, on the other hand, makes other industries also increase their sales.

The tourism sector not only benefits from web translations, but it also actually needs them. This tourism industry has a dynamic in which tourists travel from one country to another, and the need to translate the web content becomes obvious.

Commerce, finance and banking industry

The banking sector is one that is currently benefitting the most from content translation. A clear example is the people who decide to open bank accounts in other countries. If you as a bank offer credits, loans, savings plans, etc. and translate that content, you will be one of those businesses that have increased their earnings during recent years the most.

The medicinal and health Industry

Health products, services and content in general are vital throughout the world, especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic. More and more companies in the medical field can observe their profits skyrocket, thanks to the internationalization of their content.

Medical products have always been marketed internationally, but today, due to the pandemic and its consequences as well as the measures implemented by governments, it is not only about products but also about remote services.

Science and Technology

Currently, among the best-selling products on Amazon are electronic devices. More and more people are buying cell phones, laptops, among other items on the internet. When a user finds a cheaper product in another part of the world, he or she prefers to wait a little longer, due to increased delivery times and therefore save money without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

If you are in the science and technology market, and translate your content, you will be part e of those who produce the most money today.

The most successful markets when translating your content

No matter where your business is located, translating your web content benefits you in different ways. However, there are some areas of the world that are increasing their bottom lines thanks to the internationalization of their content.

Here are some examples of parts of the world that are benefiting the most from translating their web content:

UK and part of Europe

One of the countries that is having the greatest need to establish their business dealings through the Internet is the UK. In fact, the entire country is in a complex situation regarding Brexit. This situation is delaying negotiations with other countries, and the internet is helping to speed things up.


The United States is one of the countries that needs to translate its web content the most, not only for imports and exports, but also to be able to address its local market. The United States is a multicultural country, with a high population of immigrants.


Spain, being the only Spanish-speaking country in Europe, has discovered that translating its web content into languages ​​such as French, English and German, among others, has greatly benefitted in its shift in the shape of higher financial gains.

Latin America

It is obvious that translating the web content of a site in Latin America is beneficial, especially when it is translated into English. However, in recent years there has been a rebound in Latin American sites that have translated their contents into Portuguese. On the other hand, Brazil is one of the Latin American countries that has seen the most benefits in the translation of its web content to Spanish and English.

If after reading this article you are thinking about relocating your brand, here is an interesting Forbes article that can be helpful for you.

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