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Learn about the importance of translating contents for the techn sector, as well as the wide variety of texts / copies in this niche that need translation.

The importance and benefits of translations for the tech sector

We live in a digital age where translations for the technology sector are becoming more and more frequent and necessary. Nowadays, there are so many things we can do through the internet. It is no longer just about entertainment and good leisure, but even the most basic and everyday things can now be done from a mobile phone, and all of this is thanks to technology.

Technology is advancing by huge leaps and bounds, which is why this sector needs more and more and better content translation. Nowadays content is king and actually it has always been so. The only difference today is that content is ever more at our fingertips, with greater convenience and ease, as well as many advantages.

But what is the point of so much progress, so many advantages and so much sophistication, if we can’t have it worldwide? Translations are the bridge that connect all parts of the world. Let’s take a look at translations in the technology sector, their importance and the fundamental role that language professionals play in this sphere of modernity and modern life.


IT and languages

First of all, it is good and interesting that IT has its own language. The language of

computer science is known as programming. Yes, and believe it or not, even a part of it

may need translation. In this article you will learn about everything that can and should

be translated from the tech world.

The importance of translation in technology companies

The translation of texts in the tech sector goes far beyond the obvious. Many people might think that it is just a matter of translating a few web sites and perhaps the instructions or manuals of some technology products. 

The reality today is that we live in a fairly advanced world in which technology is part of everyday life. There are more and more products and services derived from the technology sector that in some way make our lives easier.

But contrary to popular belief, translations in the technology sector also include all kinds of texts. We must stop seeing technology as something exclusive to modern products and services and understand that it is actually a whoe industry as well.

Types of translations for the technology sector

Like any industry, the technology sector is very complex and diverse. Of course, it has very particular characteristics. However, just like any other branch or sector, there are a number of details in common. Everything, and absolutely everything in the technology sector needs to be translated. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the types of translations in this branch:

Software and applications

This is of course the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when hearing or reading about translations for the technology sector. Sure, all the content of mobile apps, computer software, robots and other tech stuff has content that needs to be translated. It’s a fact, it’s the obvious part. However, things go a bit further than that actually.

Very often a software or application requires both its instructions and its customer support to be in different languages as well. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Of all the usual translations, this is the one most closely related to the technology sector. Certainly, the internet and the web are part of the global technological world. However, the use of the internet is often so common and frequent that we forget that it is technology after all.

Metadata and taxonomy

As with other types of translation in this industry, everything goes beyond the obvious. One thing is the text one reads on a web page and another is everything related to Google’s algorithms and the internet as such.

Metadata and taxonomy are issues that must be translated to ensure that a website can reach all corners of the world.

Manuals for tech products or services

This is still part of the self-evident and at the same time also the most important thing to translate in this sector. Manuals are vital for customers and consumers to be able to get real value from what they have purchased. This is where the real commercial but at the same time very useful side of technology as an industry emerges.

Documents specific to a technology company

Like all businesses, companies in the technology sector need to keep their own documents that need to be translated. The translation of all legal and formal matters will always be very important and valuable for companies.


On the one hand, there are the acts that form technology companies. When trying to reach different latitudes, it is important that all legal documentation be in as many languages as possible to ensure transparency in their management.


The accounting side of any company can and should also be translated, especially if you are going international or global. Keeping accounts of everything is important, but so is being able to do so in the most international and professional manner possible.

Video games

Video games are an increasingly in-demand sector. Nowadays we see how thanks to the internet, there are children in different parts of the world, all playing online and in real time. Video games need to be translated to improve the user experience and to internationalise their product.

Fun fact: One of the best translated video games is the Pokemon saga.

Other translations in the technology sector

The technology sector has many possible translations which also include:

  • Courses
  • Patents
  • Audiovisual content
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Many moreás
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