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What is a screenplay translation?

Translating screenplays consists of taking a script written for a target language and making sure that it does not lose its narrative coherence during translation, while remaining faithful to the original script.
Script translation is a specialised area of translation, which must be carried out by professionals with knowledge of both the original language and the target language, as it is not enough to simply translate the script, it must also be slightly adapted for it to make sense within its context.

Screenplay translation services

At Orion Translations we have the qualified professionals to carry out these costly screenplay translations, whether for television or film, while maintaining all the nuances of the original work and delivering an exceptional translation.

Translating a screenplay can be a long and costly process, but we have the right people for the job. With our professional services you will get your screenplays translated within the agreed deadline and at a reasonable price and you can rest assured that the work is in the hands of great professionals from the industry.

Our screenplay translations

Are you looking for an accurate and reasonably priced film screenplay translation service?

Orion Translations offers an excellent screenplay translation service. We take care to deliver close customer service and high quality translations.

Our team of translators have years of experience in translating screenplays and we guarantee that the translations will be done with high precision and always within the agreed turnaround time.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about how we can help you today.

Screenplay translation services 

You may benefit from a screenplay translation service if your company or industry is listed below:

  • Film sector
  • Production, editing or distribution of films
  • Production, editing or distribution of series
  • Production, publishing or distribution of video games
  • Production, publishing or distribution of books
  • Production, publishing or distribution of comics
  • Publishers
  • Distribution companies
  • Audiovisual production companies

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Ask about our rates for screenplay translation and other professional translation services.

Do you need a translation for a screenplay? Then, feel free to ask us for a quote.

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